Course Download

Course Download


A course recording of your choice from Phase 1 or 3! Please choose a weekly topic set from the list below, enter the Phase & Week you'd like in the notes at checkout (or email us your choice at, and we'll email you a recording that covers those topics.


If you are interested in any Phase 2: SET courses OR Phase 3/Week 1, those recordings are available for immediate download on the website. They are listed under the group "All About..."; please let us know if you have any questions!

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    Phase One – Get Ready


    • WEEK 1:

    • Choose a practice name

    • Register name with your state

    • Create a logo

    • Find rental space (if not home-based)

    • Decorate rental space (within a reasonable budget)

    • Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

    • Apply for an Individual NPI/Group NPI (for your PLLC)


    • WEEK 2:
    • Purchase Liability Insurance (Professional and General)

    • Decide on a phone/fax service

    • Create an email account

    • Purchase a website domain

    • Create a landing page website


    • WEEK 3:

    • Order business cards

    • Open a small business bank account

    • Create a credit card processing account (PayPal, IvyPay, etc.)


    Phase Two – Get Set


    • WEEK 1:

    • Choose an EMR/Billing software/Clearinghouses

    • Educate yourself on the CMS1500 paper claim form

    • How to file a claim


    • WEEK 2:

    • Apply for a Medicaid number

    • Register with CAQH

    • Determine which insurances you would like to credential with 

    • Fill out individual credentialing applications with each insurance

    • Wait...and wait...and hear back from insurance panels!


    • WEEK 3:

    • Compile HIPAA-compliant intake paperwork

    • Decide on your private pay rate/fee schedule


    Phase Three - Treat!


    • WEEK 1:

    • Create postcard or form letter marketing your new services

    • Create mailing list of perspective referral sources

    • Consider creating a referral pad

    • Send out marketing mailing

    • Volunteer to conduct screenings on location

    • Volunteer to be a guest speaker at a center or group

    • Pass out business cards anywhere and everywhere

    • Consider hosting an open house at your treatment space

    • Market yourself via word of mouth with your Social Capital


    • WEEK 2:

    • Calculate your Sweet Spot

    • Practice Self-Care

    • Building your ideal schedule


    • WEEK 3:

    • Fill out Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) forms for credentialed insurances

    • Book your first client

    • Slowly start building your caseload

    • Write SOAP notes and submit claims using your EMR/Billing Software

    • Rectify EOBs to be sure that claim balances are paid in ful