LIVE Drop In Phase 3: Treat!

LIVE Drop In Phase 3: Treat!


Drop in on one of our live classes! Join Ready Set Treat Academy on Facebook for a schedule, as it changes monthly. Once you purchase, you will be able to download a pdf with the Zoom link!


Learn proven marketing techniques you can use now, all on a dime!


Four Thursdays at 1PM EST via Zoom


-Marketing Services
-Mailing Lists
-Referral Forms/Pads
-Send out marketing mailing
-Guest Speaking
-Business Card Marking
-Open Houses
-Word of Mouth and Social Capital
-Calculate your Sweet Spot
-Fill out Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) 
-Book your first client!
-Slowly start building your caseload
-Write SOAP notes and submit claims using EMR
-Wait for the money to roll in!
-Practice Self-Care
-Rectify EOBs 
-Sit back, relax, and enjoy being your own boss!

You will receive recordings of any courses that you cannot attend in person.

  • Disclaimer

    A note to the Participant or Purchaser:


    While the information contained in these courses and products is accurate and up to date to the best of our knowledge, state and federal laws vary greatly and change frequently, with each discipline and insurance contract also having its own set of unique rules. The information contained in these courses intended to be a guide, with the understanding that it is the reader’s responsibility to consult his or her attorney, accountant, insurance contracts, state department of business, and state and national licensure laws and requirements in order to conform to current state and federal laws and regulations as they relate to his or her scope of practice.



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