Ready, Set, Treat! Academy Bundle One Day Intensive - AUGUST 16

Ready, Set, Treat! Academy Bundle One Day Intensive - AUGUST 16

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Ready to get your practice off the ground and running ASAP?? Join us on Monday, August 16 from 10 am - 4:30 pm EST during our 7-hour, one-day intensive course where we'll cover everything from choosing a practice name to credentialing and billing insurance to setting your rate and marketing. Much of this course will be conducted Live on Zoom, with a Distance Learning component to review and customize forms for YOUR practice.


Accompanying handouts will be emailed in the week prior to the course.


We'll be covering all items in the Ready, Set, Treat Phases listed below:


Phase 1:

-Choose a practice name
-Register name with your state
-Create a logo
-Find rental space (if not home-based)
-Decorate rental space (within a budget)
-Apply for an Employer Identification Number
-Apply for an Individual NPI/Group NPI
-Purchase Liability Insurance
-Decide on a phone/fax service
-Create an email account
-Purchase a website domain
-Create a landing page website
-Order business cards
-Open a small business bank account
-Create a credit card processing account


Phase 2:

-Choose an EMR/Billing software
-Learn the CMS1500 paper claim form
-Apply for a Medicaid number
-Register with CAQH
-Choosing Insurance Panels
-Credentialing Process
-Credentialing waiting game
-Compile HIPAA-compliant intake paperwork
-Decide on your private pay rate/fee schedule


Phase 3:

-Marketing Services
-Mailing Lists
-Referral Forms/Pads
-Send out marketing mailing
-Guest Speaking
-Business Card Marking
-Open Houses
-Word of Mouth and Social Capital
-Calculate your Sweet Spot
-Fill out Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) 
-Book your first client!
-Slowly start building your caseload
-Write SOAP notes and submit claims using EMR
-Wait for the money to roll in!
-Practice Self-Care
-Rectify EOBs 
-Sit back, relax, and enjoy being your own boss!