LIVE CLASS: Ready, Set, Treat Bundle: All 3 Phases - Save $50!

LIVE CLASS: Ready, Set, Treat Bundle: All 3 Phases - Save $50!


This is a LIVE collaborative group meeting via Zoom! Complete all three courses at a pace that works for you, while saving money over time! Typically people navigate each Phase one month at a time. We affectionately call this "the whole enchilada!" This package can be use at any time, and does not expire.  You will receive recordings of any courses that you cannot attend in person.


-In general, new Groups start the first week of the month (unless it falls on a holiday)
-Ready Phase lasts for 4 weekly sessions on Mondays at 1 pm
-Set Phase lasts for 4 weekly sessions on Wednesdays at 1 pm
-Treat Phases lasts for 4 weekly sessions on Thursdays at 1 pm

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