The Ready, Set, Treat! Academy Summer Intensive

Are you READY to start your private practice? 

Save your spot for our popular Ready, Set, Treat! Academy Summer Intensive Course, held virtually on Zoom on Friday, July 16 from 10:00 am-4:30 pm EST. We've taken 3 months of courses and condensed them into a 6-hour, one-day course, so you can get started toward your new life ASAP! In addition to the live class, we'll provide one hour of at-home resources for you to customize to YOUR practice.

Maybe feeling overwhelmed or held back by the prospect of credentialing with insurers and billing? Stuck on how to SET your private pay rate? Not sure how to market in a less schmoozy, more down-to-earth way?


As therapists, we’re so good at the front-end, customer service side of business. We’re the ones who TREAT clients, essentially earning the money that pays management teams. We’re used to working for facilities with billing, marketing, and finance departments that take care of all that “behind the scenes” stuff. Thinking about doing it all ourselves can feel so daunting.


This is where Ready, Set, Treat! comes in! Started by 2 friends and entrepreneurs with successful occupational therapy and mental health practices, we’ve helped hundreds of clinicians start practices using our low-cost, down-to-earth, nuts & bolts methods via our bestselling book and our online courses. 


We provide our clinical peers with solid advice that’s affordable; we don’t believe in starting a practice in debt or in spending thousands on coaching that’s more focused on lofty ideas and generalizations rather than concrete, actionable steps. On top of all that, we have FUN! With laughter and light heartedness comes better engagement and a judgement free learning environment for YOU, giving you a leg up on starting your ideal practice.


Wish you had time to squeeze in a morning walk or yoga class? Want to work less days in the summer but still earn the same? Looking to work during school hours only? Ready to stick to your ethical boundaries without having to fight for it? How about never, ever, having to meet a productivity minimum again?? 


It’s all possible with private practice! Sign up for our 7 hour, 1-day intensive course on Zoom, where we’ll cover everything from registering your business with your state to credentialing, billing, intake paperwork, and marketing on Friday, July 16 from 10:00 am-4:30 pm EST.


In addition to our Live course and Ready, Set, Treat! Checklist, you'll receive the following resources to keep you on track and help you save valuable time:

  • A customizable Client Intake Template, so you know exactly what to ask during that first phone call!

  • Our Insurance Benefits Verification Form, so you know exactly what to ask when you call an insurance rep

  • Our New Client Welcome Letter Template, to help you reach out to newly established clients and welcome them to your practice

  • Our Screening Consent Form Template, so you can quickly customize to your needs and hit the ground running!

  • Our famous Very Important Numbers Infographic, to help you better understand the difference between an NPI1 and an NPI2, EIN and TIN, and Group vs Individual Medicaid numbers


Secure your spot before it's full, and be sure to choose the AOTA CEU option if you’d like to count this course for continuing education credits!


We hope to see you on Zoom Friday, July 16 from 10:00 am-4:30 pm EST!

Can't make it in July?? Stay tuned for our upcoming August and December dates!

xo, Susie Curtis, LCMHC & Kristen Goodrich, OTR/L

Ready, Set, Treat!, LLC is an AOTA Appro