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Paperwork Templates & Resources

We're so excited to become affiliates with Rose-Stella Pierre Louis, Registered Occupational Therapist and founder of Ms. Rose's Place to offer attorney-approved paperwork packets to our members! We've checked out her products, and love that they're customizable, can be uploaded into our EMR templates, and are thorough and user-friendly. She even went the extra mile to make them aesthetically pleasing and able to be tailored to your branding and logo.

By using our special affiliate link PLUS the discount code readysettreat, you'll receive up to $40 off bundles and we'll receive a bonus too, because Rose believes in saving healthcare entrepreneurs money as much as we do. She's also a member of our Ready, Set, Treat! Academy Facebook group, or you can contact her on her website for more information.

Happy documenting!! 🤓

Meet Rose-Stella Pierre Louis
TheraPlace Profile Pic Clinic.jpg

Rose-Stella Pierre-Louis is a mother of two, occupational therapist of 15 years, author,  and owner of the pediatric private practice, Ms. Rose's TheraPlace.  She created the essential documentation forms and templates needed to start a private practice,  out of the growing need of frustrated therapists exhausted from trying to create their own. In the digital shop, you'll find all the attorney approved, customizable forms you need to get your private practice going! 

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