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Join us as we discuss an overview of filing taxes as a healthcare business owner with Simple Profit's Jennie Schottmiller, LMFT, CPA (yup, you read that right - Jennie is a therapist-accountant hybrid!).  In this video, you'll be hearing about the steps necessary to prepare for filing for taxes as a business owner. You'll learn about 1099s, Schedule C's, Filing with an EIN vs Social Security Number, disregarded entities, business expenses, mobile businesses and mileage tracking, and preparing for quarterly taxes in the new year.

Members Only: All About Filing Taxes

  • A note to the Participant or Purchaser:

    While the information contained in these courses and products is accurate and up to date to the best of our knowledge, state and federal laws vary greatly and change frequently, with each discipline and insurance contract also having its own set of unique rules. The information contained in these courses intended to be a guide, with the understanding that it is the reader’s responsibility to consult his or her attorney, accountant, insurance contracts, state department of business, and state and national licensure laws and requirements in order to conform to current state and federal laws and regulations as they relate to his or her scope of practice.

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